Harsh Trivedi


WordCamp Asia 2023

Social Media Handler - Friday, 17 February 2023

WC Asia 2023

I volunteered at WordCamp Asia 2023 as a Social Media Handler. My duties included taking photographs of the event and uploading them to WordCamp Asia’s Social Media Handles. I also assisted with managing the event’s social media accounts, and interacted with attendees to ensure they had the best experience possible. My experience at WordCamp Asia was an invaluable one and I believe I have the skills and knowledge necessary to continue to be an effective Social Media Handler.

Google Developers Group Kanpur

Organizer - March 2022

GDG Kanpur

Organizing events as a member of the GDG Kanpur team has been a rewarding experience. As the organizer, I have had the privilege of creating impactful events that have inspired hundreds of digital creators and tech enthusiasts in the region. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of partners, from startups to established corporate firms.

In my role as the organizer, I have been responsible for the overall execution of each event, from conception to realization. This includes activities such as making a detailed plan for the event, setting up the venue, organizing logistics, arranging sponsors, engaging with the speakers, and reaching out to potential attendees. I have also been in charge of post-event follow-ups and reporting.

My experience with GDG Kanpur has helped me develop a range of skills, such as the ability to collaborate with various stakeholders, set up and execute effective plans, work with limited resources, and manage time efficiently. I have also become more confident when communicating and presenting ideas to a larger audience.

Overall, my time with GDG Kanpur has been an enlightening and fulfilling experience. I am proud to have been part of a team that has made a positive impact on the community.


Web Developer - August 2020


Volunteering as the lead web developer for DefCon Delhi has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have had the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills in coding and web development to help create and maintain the website for the event. My responsibilities include designing and developing the website, programming and troubleshooting, testing and debugging, maintaining the content, and providing technical support.

I have been able to work with a talented team of people, learn new skills, and gain invaluable experience. My experience with DefCon Delhi has helped me understand the importance of coding and web development, and I have become more confident with my abilities.

I am proud to have been part of such an amazing event and to have been able to contribute my knowledge and skills to the success of DefCon Delhi.

WordCamp Nagpur 2019

Social Media Handler - Sunday, August 11th, 2019

WordCamp Nagpur 2019

I volunteered at WordCamp Nagpur 2019 as a Social Media Handler, where I was responsible for clicking photos and uploading them to the event’s social media accounts. I had the opportunity to engage with the attendees and get a glimpse into the various aspects of the event. During the event, I was able to capture the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees as they discussed and shared their knowledge and experiences. I also had the opportunity to work with the event organizers to ensure that the event was a success. My experience at WordCamp Nagpur was invaluable and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

WordCamp Kanpur 2018

WordCamp Kanpur 2018

Volunteering at WordCamp Kanpur 2018 as a Sponsor Wrangler and Graphic Designer was a unique and rewarding experience. In my role as a Sponsor Wrangler, I was responsible for managing the experience of the event sponsors, ensuring that their needs were met, and coordinating their presence at the event. This involved communicating with sponsors prior to the event, managing their on-site experience, and resolving any issues or concerns they had.

As a Graphic Designer, I also had the opportunity to contribute to the event’s branding and marketing efforts. I designed various promotional materials, including posters, flyers, social media graphics, and badges, to promote the event and its sponsors.

Combining both roles allowed me to bring a unique perspective to the event, ensuring that the sponsor’s needs were met, and their brand was represented effectively. Overall, volunteering as a Sponsor Wrangler and Graphic Designer at WordCamp Kanpur 2018 was an enriching experience that allowed me to hone my skills and contribute to the success of a significant community event.