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A day with some boring guests

A day with some boring guests at home, the way they talk is just too much annoying!

Published on September 20, 2018 by Harsh Trivedi

boring guest a day in my life

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Before starting off with the main story, let me tell you one important thing, if you are a boring guest, then please don't read this.

Boring guests, they teach us many things, like how things work, how unfair life is, how to be patient, and how to deal with some boring people when they actually don’t know how boring they are.

Now let me start off with the story, the day before yesterday I was sitting in my room trying to troubleshoot some errors in one of my code, some random old guests came to meet my family.

They were not a disturbing element for me until they called my name as they were busy talking with my parents, but suddenly they called me and started asking annoying questions about my studies.

I am not that good in studies, so obviously the question they asked, troubled me a bit, but I managed to give them a meaningful answer.

I was trying to escape the spot but then those boring people asked me to sit and chat with them, but back in my mind, I was thinking about the solution to the error in my code that was bothering me from past 30 minutes.

I finally got the solution to my error but those slow guests were stuck in their position and were not at all ready to leave (I know I sound a bit rude at this point, but if you would’ve experienced those type of boring guests, you would’ve got bored too. 😛)

Finally, after wasting my 1 hour in some boring chit-chat with those boring fellows, I got the chance to fix my problem and after that, the day ended on a lighter note.

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