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Published on September 02, 2018 by Harsh Trivedi

hello world tech lover about me

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Hello everyone, I am Harsh Trivedi, a 23-year-old guy, who loves each and every aspect of Technology. My life started in a lovely city, Kanpur (formerly Cawnpore), the 11th most populous urban city located in the central part of Uttar Pradesh, India. I love Graphic Designing, Web Development, Video Editing, Travelling, Learning new things and Making new friends with similar interest and mindset.

Computer, is my most favorite subject since childhood, and has completely changed the way I think and understand things, the best part about a computer is the learning experience, whether you are designing some stuff, editing a video or programming an app, if you are doing all that with a goal in mind and with full dedication, you’ll surely learn how things work and how you need to work with them or tweak them in your own possible way.

I am starting this Jekyll based blog to share my thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and much more, I will share most of my social activities now and then, also I will be sharing some apps, websites, and tools that I have made or I am using for making my tech activities easy.

I currently live in Kanpur, where people are mostly boring, but exceptions are always there so I found KanpurFOSS Community, where we do meetups, workshops, and a WordCamp every year, I would like to thank KanpurFOSS Community for sharing an awesome tech experience here, in Kanpur.

Have a look at my designs: DezineWrath

If you want to know more about me, you can simply contact me using different social media platforms mentioned in the navbar.

I will also be sharing some of the Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram photos and YouTube videos using a simple embed or using some sort of API.